BM45 - BM65: STEP 1

We present you our full automatic Bend Master 45 and our full automatic Bend Master 65.

Hi! I’m Stefano from Italy. Thanks for watching our Pedrazzoli video tutorials. In these videos we present you our full automatic Bend Master 45 and our full automatic Bend Master 65.

In this video we show you the machine and we explain the machine features. The machine has eleven full electric axes:

  • AX 1 is the carriage movement;
  • AX 2 is the bend angle movement;
  • AX 3 is the carriage rotation;
  • AX 4 is the clamp die movement;
  • AX 5 is the horizontal movement of the pressure die;
  • AX 6 is the linear movement of the pressure die;
  • AX 7 is the vertical movement of the bend-head;
  • AX 8 is the horizontal movement of the bend-head; 
  • AX 9 is the mandrel movement in and out that can we program;
  • AX 10 is the collet open and close movement;
  • AX 11 is the former return movement.

This device is a guide for the mandrel rod. The use of this device is to block the machine if something happen to the rod and close use out of the axis, so the machine stops. This is a safety device where the mandrel rod goes trought: the proposal is to avoide any accident on the machine so if the rod moves against the ring the machine goes in emergency.

Here we can see an automatic tube support and moves in and out if the carriage comes forward or moves backward. The proposal of the nose is to have a stop inside the collet, so, when we start the cycle, this nose will go inside the collet, you pull the tube against, it moves up and the carriage goes back to the starting position.

This tank contains the grease that lubricates automatically all of the mechanical parts of the machine. The time of lubrication can be set in the control. This is the connection for the compress air: it must be set at 8 bars minimum. Without this connection the machine will not work and give you an error.

This foot pedal is to open or close the collet manually.

The Pedrazzoli bend master line is entirely drived by Fanuc servo motors and Fanuc drives.

This part of the electrical panel contains the router for the wireless connection, reles and the wiring bracket.

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